Confirm your eligibility to access low-cost, high-quality workshops, digital action plan development, one-on-one advisory services, online training, and tailored support.

How do I know if my business is eligible for support under this program?

A business needs an ABN which is active and registered, have less than 20 full time employees, and be based in Western Australia, Queensland or the Northern Territory.

I accessed the Digital Solutions Program in Round 1, can I access the program again?

Yes, if your business accessed the program in a previous round, you are eligible to access the program again so long as the eligibility criteria is met.

I don’t have an ABN yet but am planning on getting one soon. Can I access the program while I am in the process of establishing my business?

You will need an active registered ABN to access the program.  Additional eligibility requirements are to have less than 20 full time employees and be based in Western Australia, Queensland or the Northern Territory.

My business has over 20 staff. Can I still access elements of the program?

No, unfortunately program eligibility has been determined by the Department of Industry, Science and Innovation and to be eligible, businesses must have under 20 staff.

My business is a registered not-for profit organisation can we access the program?

No, unfortunately program eligibility has been determined by the Department of Industry, Science and Innovation and your business must be a for-profit organisation to be eligible for the program.

Digital Action Plans

The Digital Action Plan allows your business to receive up to four hours of support from a digital expert for $110 inc. GST.

I’ve used the program in a previous round and really like one of the previous advisors/presenters. Can I book in for the four hours of support with just them?

For this round of the program, we have a new team of Digital Advisors and Digital Experts who will be able to help you will all your digital needs. You will be able to discuss your particular needs at your initial Digital Action Plan meeting and we will help pair you with the best mentors for your three individual one-hour sessions.

I have my sourced my own independent contractors, can I use the 1:1 support package to pay for work done by the external contractors?

No. The Digital Solutions program is separate to privately sourced work and can only be used with the team of Digital Experts engaged by the program.

I’ve used my initial four hours of support, can I pay for another block of 4 hours?

The Digital Action Plan can only be accessed once per ABN in this round of the program. But the workshops are free and unlimited so if your business meets the eligibility criteria you can register for as many of these as you like.

I’ve booked and paid for my Digital Action Plan but haven’t used all my hours. Do the hours have an expiry date or do I get a refund for only partially used hours?

The support hours must be completed by the end of 2025 however we recommend that you use them straight away to receive the most benefit. Any hours you don’t use will not be refunded.

I’ve used my four hours of support and would like to pay one of the Digital Experts for additional work. Can I just do this under the Digital Solutions program?

Any additional work that a business requires beyond the initial four hours of the 1:1 support program, will need to be negotiated between the business owner and relevant provider (Business Foundations for WA clients, Regional Business HQ for QLD clients and BEC NT for NT clients) outside of the Digital Solutions program.

I paid for four hours of 1:1 support but I’ve only had 3 hours of Digital Expert sessions. Can I get 4 hours of Digital Expert sessions?

The 1:1 support program comprises the Digital Expert sessions and the creation of a Digital Action Plan for your business.  The initial interview with one of the Business Advisors and the creation of a Digital Action Plan comprises your first hour of the 4 hours support package which leaves 3 hours of Digital Expert sessions remaining.


Free and unlimited, our Digital Solutions workshops are designed to equip you with the practical skills to digitise your business.

I can’t make one of the online workshops on the day, can I access the recording after the event?

The online workshops are being conducted as live, in person, events and will not be recorded. However the workshops will be scheduled regularly so you will have the opportunity to attend the workshop in the future.

I’m looking at the workshop schedule and there aren’t any face-to-face workshops in locations near me. Can I request a workshop in my location?

Where possible we will try to source a local presenter to provide a face-to-face workshop in your area. Alternatively, we can an have the presenter video into a room of people live in the desired location.