Optimising Operations: Conscious Copy Streamlines with Digital Solutions

Challenge: building a business efficiently

Conscious Copy is a communications and copywriting consultancy in Far North Queensland that aims to empower women in business with authentic communication.

When founder Amy Braes established the business, she wanted to set up an efficient administration system so she could focus her time on building the business and providing great service to her clients.

Solution: Implementing Solutions for Productivity

Amy found the process of creating the Digital Action Plan and then engaging with a Digital Expert, was the most helpful aspect of the Digital Solutions program. It gave her a clear understanding of her needs and challenges as well as crystallise the issues that were most important to her.

With a focus on efficiency and security, Amy has integrated several solutions into her business including Calendly which has provided a simple and automated solution which allows clients to easily book appointments.

With Cyber security one of her main concerns the digital expert also helped her set up password manager software to ensure her multiple passwords are stored securely, easy to access and almost impossible for hackers to break.

Results: Choosing the Right Digital Tools

With the support of the Regional Business HQ team Amy was empowered to implement the right tools to achieve her goals which have had a significant impacted the efficiency of running her business.

I have already referred several clients to the program. For a nominal fee, business owners have access to extra support from business leaders in Queensland who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest issues and opportunities that businesses are facing in the digital domain.”

Amy Braes


Beyond the Digital Action Plan 

Amy has also attended several of workshops, which have helped build her knowledge and confidence to ‘digitally’ deliver on the promises she makes to Conscious Copy clients.

Key Takeaways:

The guidance Amy received through Digital Solutions helped her reach her long-term goal of setting up efficient systems in her business. With the support of a digital expert in her corner, Amy was able to overcome the fear of implementing software that wasn’t a good fit for her business.


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