From Frustration to Facebook Leads: Driveway Clean and Seal Transforms with Digital Solutions

Challenge: Limited Leads and Unreliable Marketing

Driveway Clean and Seal, a new business specialising in outdoor surface rejuvenation, struggled to attract customers. Dee Simich, the owner, relied on basic online directories and phone calls, finding them time-consuming and unreliable.


Solution: Mastering Facebook Ads with Digital Solutions

Dee joined the Digital Solutions Program, a subsidised  initiative offering expert guidance and resources. Through workshops, personalized consultations, and online tools, Dee gained a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, specifically focusing on Facebook advertising. Her digital expert , Josh, played a crucial role in helping her to understand how to maximise her exposure on Facebook and how to craft effective ad campaigns.


Results: Dramatic Increase in Leads and Sales

The program’s impact on Driveway Clean and Seal has been significant:

  • Reduced Cost per Lead: Dee initially spent $80 for just one lead. With optimized Facebook ads, the cost per lead now falls between $18 – $29.
  • Lead Generation Boost: Facebook advertising has become the primary source of leads, generating 50% of the business currently, with projections of reaching 80%.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Expert guidance helped Dee revamp her Facebook page and create engaging video content, leading to better online interaction.

“The program was a game-changer! I no longer have to wait for calls. Now, I have control over lead generation and can confidently grow my business.”

Dee Simich


Program Momentum Fuels Website Grant

Leveraging the skills and momentum gained through the program with Josh, Dee confidently applied for and secured a grant from the Cockburn City Council to fund a website for Driveway Clean & Seal. This will allow them to showcase their expertise to a wider audience.


Key Takeaways:

Dee’s story exemplifies how the Digital Solutions Program empowers small businesses. By acquiring digital marketing expertise, Driveway Clean and Seal is thriving in the online landscape.




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