Team Up for Success: TeamLab Builds Confidence with Digital Solutions

Challenge: Service-Based Business Struggles with Online Marketing

TeamLab, a team-building and workshop company, faced difficulties navigating the digital marketing landscape. Co-owner Christine Kuca-Thompson lacked experience with SEO, website design, and online advertising. Finding resources tailored to service-based businesses proved challenging.


Solution: Personalized Guidance Through Digital Solutions

The Digital Solutions Program offered a lifeline. Christine found the program’s comprehensive approach invaluable, particularly the one-on-one action plan development session with Eric. This session pinpointed her specific needs and connected her with the right digital experts.


Results: Increased Confidence and Knowledge

Through her 1:1 session Christine has gained significant confidence. She now understands her website’s strengths and weaknesses and has improved the user experience for her customers.  She also now understands SEO best practices and is implementing the strategies she has learnt to boost her Google ranking.


“The program was fantastic! It helped me understand the challenges specific to service-based businesses online. I feel much more comfortable managing my website now.”

Christine Kuca-Thompson


Key Takeaways:

Digital Solutions goes beyond tactics. It empowers business owners like Christine with knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital world.




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