• date

    Tue 05.09.2023

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    10:30 am - 11:30 am

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    Darwin, TBC

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    1 Hour

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As a business owner, it’s no secret that managing both your work and personal life can be an overwhelming challenge. The constant juggling act can leave you feeling stressed and stretched thin. But fret not! In an insightful presentation delivered over two sessions, The Time Tamer, Barbara Clifford is here to help. She will share a wealth of practical knowledge and introduce you to a range of digital tools specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs like yourself in mastering time management to pave way for business growth.

Barbara will delve into the most effective and popular time management tools available, handpicked with busy business owners in mind. You’ll discover powerful applications that can significantly improve your productivity without breaking the bank. The best part? Many of these tools are absolutely free!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn first-hand how to optimise your time. By attending this workshop, you’ll uncover strategies to better balance your work and personal life, ensuring you can effectively handle the growth and demands of your business. Say goodbye to stress and hello to increased efficiency and peace of mind.

Join Barbara as she shares her expertise and unveils the secrets to successful time management for business owners. Your future self will thank you for taking this important step toward managing your business growth with ease and achieving a healthier work-life harmony.

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